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Personal Goal: Improved Wardrobe Management

Am I the only one that goes through phases at the start of every season thinking ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear. I hate everything in my closet. I’m going shopping’? It’s silly, especially when we have closets full of great clothes.

That is why I’m putting a new focus on wardrobe management this season. Stepping back, embracing what I already own, and avoiding the constant temptation to add more to my closet. Here are my guidelines:

  1. Get organized and know what you already have.
    Face your inner packrat and clean out your closet. Donate the things that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in years, put out-of-season stuff in storage, and then organize what’s left by color, type, style, or fit so you can easily see and distinguish what you have.
  2. Spend time coming up with new looks.
    If you want to take full advantage of what you have, spend time ‘shopping’ in your closet and creating head-to-toe looks. Write down your ideas or even take pictures of yourself. Whenever you get new clothes, shoes, or accessories, try them on with different stuff you already own. Once you know what goes well with what, getting dressed is easy.
  3. Get a second opinion.
    Go through your closet with a fashionable and honest friend. Try things on and get his/her opinion. Your friend might also help you come up with new outfit ideas that you would have never thought of on your own.
  4. Mix up your accessories.
    Add a little pizzaz to your outfits. A cool pair of earrings, a belt, a different hairstyle, a scarf, a new necklace, maybe experiment with layers. Adding a little detail can change your focus from feeling like you’re wearing the same thing too often.
  5. Eliminate temptations.
    Finally, the most influential step, for me at least, get rid of the temptation to buy new clothes. Don’t just shop to ‘shop’. Only go into a store for things you truly need. Unsubscribe from the tempting emails, don’t be encouraged by coupon codes, try your hardest to avoid online shopping and TGT posts (kidding!)… if you really make an effort to do this, you’ll be in good shape and your wallet will thank you.

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